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The University of Lahore (UOL) is one of the leading academic institutions in the country. It has been ranked in QS Top Ranking Universities of the World. The culture of the institution differentiates it from the “ivory towers of education”, and human capital prides itself of innovative teaching and research activities that are carried out in the 42 departments and through more than 150 degree programs. The University has incorporated commercialization of academic research in its mission and foreseeing the demands of the future the University has launched Innovation and Incubation Center. The core purpose of establishment of IIC is to help in enhancing applied research across the University among different departments. The center will help the new startups to develop strong linkages in the industry and will play an important role in the economic development of Pakistan.

Our Vision

The vision of IIC is to facilitate the youth to convert their ideas into sustainable businesses and to help these emerging businesses in a way that they can contribute to the vitality, diversity and growth of UOL’s ecosystem as well as in nation’s economic and social welfare.

Our Mission

The Innovation and Incubation Center will work to create new business and job opportunities through multiplier effect. The center believes in facilitating the research process in different disciplines; so that the results in the form of new innovations can contribute to the growth and success of the emerging technologies. The center will serve as a bridge between the key market players and knowledge base of university and will ensure the better protection and efficient usage of the Intellectual Property emerging from the University.

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How We Started

Our Experts

Team of Professionals

Mr. Awais Raoof

Chairman, BoG UoL

Ms. Wajeeha Raoof

Pro-Rector, Social Sciences

Ms. Ammara Awais

Director, Office of Student Affairs

Mr. Uzair Raoof

Deputy Chairman, BoG

Mr. Nasir Mehmood

Pro-Rector, Academics & COO

Mr. Sahabzada Ali Saeed

Head of Innovation & Incubation Center

Mr. Adil Mehmood

Assistant Director, Oric
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5th Floor, EE Department, University of Lahore, 1-Km Raiwind Road Lahore

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