Message from Management Team

Message from the Chairman, BoG:

I believe that the future parameter of success of any university shall not be evaluated through the number of Graduates but by the employment opportunities created by the graduates of that particular institution. The job market of Pakistan has saturated and the youth graduating are becoming a weak link of the country instead of becoming the country’s strength. The World has turned into a Global Village and any student having a smart phone can come up with the idea of an Application that can make millions just in a blink. I want my students to see the link between the theoretical knowledge and how it is implemented in the practical world.
That’s is why the university has taken the institution of Innovation and Incubation Center so that the enrolled students and alumni can have hands-on experience on how businesses are setup on actual grounds. I urge my students to take full advantage of our mixed use incubator and I want them to enjoy while learning from this experience.

Message of Pro-Rector Social Science:

I welcome you all and want to congratulate you for taking this wise step of becoming a part of IIC during your university life. It is very important thatyou take full advantage of this platform that shall give you wings to fly in the market after graduation. IIC is going to be a manifesto that shall be enhancing your entrepreneurial capabilities and shall teach you how the life is about taking the calculated risk.
Not only business students, but students from all the domains are welcome here to fulfill their business and entrepreneurial dreams. The vision for this platform is to equip the students, alumni and faculty members with all the skills, confidence and to provide them with the facilities and shared resources so that they can add their value to mitigate the epidemic of unemployment from the country. IIC shall be the key that will be opening new portals to the unlimited horizons of opportunities for all the people who will be a part of it.

Message from Head of IIC:

I believe that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. At IIC we thrive to make your dreams come true. The journey you will be embarking on is the most consequential and will prove to be a life-transmuting journey for you. IIC stands for leadership and excellence in every aspect it is involved in. It is an oasis for young and talented entrepreneurs of UoL. At IIC we provide you with highly eligible and motivated staff who opens new doors of prosperity for you with their ultimate guidance. Keeping in view the country's economy and to make our students' job providers instead of job seekers, we have established the hub of opportunities that is Innovation and Incubation Center. The challenging and competitive environment will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to prosper in the world of entrepreneurship. We will assist you to find your zealousness, you just have to follow as far as it takes you. We will be with you at every stage.

Message from Assistant Manager of IIC:

Allow me to welcome you to the virtual tour of Innovation and Incubation Center. This website will give you an insight information about the center, its services and how we can work together to turn your business dreams into a reality. While adjusting to the demands of future and to expand career opportunities for University’s graduates; commercialization of academic research has become the core focus of institution as just mere work of teaching and research shall not be sufficient for thriving in this highly competitive era. Knowledge and technology transfer activities have become the hall mark of leading institutions around the world. And following the footsteps of these best academic institutions the University has set up the department of “Innovation and Incubation Center”, that will help the researchers by all possible means to implement their ideas on the practical grounds’ will provide nesting facilities to the startups and will be the first institution in Pakistan that shall be working on academic commercialization.