The IIC will provide following services

  1. Dissemination of information and awareness regarding entrepreneurship and innovation among students
  2. Helping students in developing business ideas if they have some rudimentary skeleton: Innovation Development (idea development, IP advice, market research)
  3. After selection for incubation delineating upon the practical aspects of business plan and modalities for execution of plan
  4. Continuous performance evaluation of the startups and giving them feedback regarding their pace and direction of progress
  5. Market readiness counseling
  1. Dealing and negotiating with entities outside UOL like government departments and companies etc. on behalf of the businesses
  2. Legal assistance e.g. registering IPR, patents and trade-marks
  3. Registrations with the government
  4. Sector-specific programming
  5. Infrastructure like work-station, Internet, printers, computers, scanner and electricity
  6. After maturity of incubation expediting commercialization of the project or selling it as a whole
  7. Networking events
  1. Training which would be all-compassing containing all aspects of entrepreneurship focusing on teething troubles of startup and specific training for individual needs of each startup
  2. Providing mentors to the startups from amongst a panel of mentors. Mentors would be from within the faculty and from outside the university
  3. Access to specialized technical expertise (researchers) & facilities
  4. Apart from mentors, access to business expertise (i.e. Services Manager, School of Business, Advisory Board, Entrepreneur’s Forum etc.)
  1. Access to capital and financing
  2. Book-keeping and accounting
  3. Auditing accounts, revenues and expenses

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